Frequently Asked Questions

What size tank do I need?
This depends primarily on the amount of room you have to install the tank and on your roof surface to collect the rainwater. Ideally, you would have a tank as large as possible; but even a smaller tank can save you a lot of water during the rainy season as it gets refilled while you are using it.

How much water can I collect from my roof?
You need to know approximately how many square metres of roof catchment you have and the average rainfall in your area. In Port Lincoln our average rainfall is about 500mm, so for every square metre of roof space, you can collect a maximum of 500 litres of rainwater annually.

What is the best surface to sit my new tank on?
Bear in mind that 1 litre of water weighs 1kg so even our smallest 450 litres tank will add up to nearly 500 kilos when full! Therefore, your new tank will need a flat and stable surface. This can be a tank stand, a solid concrete surface or compacted dolomite. Avoid at all cost putting it on dirt where there may be rocks that could damage the base of the tank and cause corrosion.

Am I eligible for a rebate?
Rebates for rainwater tanks are now available Nationally as well as in most Australian states including South Australia. In Port Lincoln, there is also an additional rebate offered by the City Council. Please check with SA Water, the City Of Port Lincoln and the National Government what rebates you may be eligible for.

What colours are available?
The Colorbond® colours are Pale Eucalypt (pale green), Paperbark (cream), Wilderness (mid green), Woodland Grey (dark grey), Manor Red and Deep Ocean Blue (dark blue), Windspray (very light grey). You may also choose a plain galvanised finish.