Fuji Clean

Fuji Waste Water

Fuji Clean is the world's leading manufacturer of domestic wastewater sewage treatment systems.
Approved to Australian Standards in all states of Australia. Fuji Clean's domestic wastewater treatment systems efficiently convert all household wastewater from the kitchen, bathroom, laundry and toilets, into safe, clean and odourless recycled water for re-use around the garden.

The Fuji Clean wastewater treatment system has been designed and developed using advanced Japanese technology

Why choose a FujiClean?

Safe - Treats wastewater to the highest quality in Australia. No smells.
Reliable - Fuji Clean systems have been continuously developed over 50 years
Proven - Over 2 million systems installed globally
Economical - 54 watt air blower uses less electricity - lower running costs
Advanced Technology - Designed using latest Japanese technology
Nationwide Support - Fully qualified service network